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Aloha! You are invited to flamingle with me as I take you through my recent tropical-inspired baby sprinkle. As I am sure you have gathered, I am a notorious planner. I like to know things well in advance, and be prepared for everything. So it came as quite a shock to everyone that I didn't …

are you hungry for some birthday fun?

my little party

Little Matthew sure was hungry for some birthday fun! Especially considering we planned every detail of his first birthday celebration around his favourite bedtime story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The much-loved classic by Eric Carle won over my boys with its vivid and colourful collage of illustrations and hopeful story. My husband and I were sold on its simple text and that how it captured so many educational themes – counting, days of the week, different food and a butterfly’s life stages. If you haven’t had the joy of reading it yet, pop it on your book list. I promise you will love it!


We wanted to capture the essence of the book and recreate it at the party. It was such a fun theme! We created a simple, yet bright and bold look for the party. We set up two white tables, with matching stools. The first for…

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time for you

We are right in the thick of school holidays. In the middle of the year. And I thought what a better time to chat about self care. Why? Because we need it! We all do. Why not take some time out to stop, breathe, evaluate your schedule and potentially make a few changes that will …

ROAR like a dinosaur at your next little party!

my little party

Dino-mite is the best way to describe Jack’s 6th dinosaur birthday party! We were delighted that a whole bunch of his friends and family could stomp up our driveway following the dinosaur footprints to have a roaring good time!


We like to use our imagination and put extra effort into decorating a table. On this occasion, we covered a white table with paper runners with a timber look. The table was set with grass place mats, and disposable bamboo plates. The cutlery was wrapped in a green paper napkin and the dig-in cutlery tags were tied with twine. Every recycled glass milk bottle had a green or orange paper straw. The centrepiece was made of a red dinosaur skelton in the centre, and an assortment of dinosaurs lined the table setting.

FullSizeRender-10Statement balloons are my favourite, and I couldn’t go past using gold foiled script balloons that read ROAR. They…

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