a meaningful Christmas

boy do I love Christmas! I love all the festivities that come with the holiday season,  admiring the Christmas lights with my little family, decorating our tree and home, gift shopping, planning a Christmas menu,  reading Christmas storybooks, sending handwritten Christmas cards. It’s all so much fun!LGS_7151.JPG

I chatted to a long time friend just this morning and she mentioned how surprised she was that I wasn’t running about getting all those last minute things organised. To be fair there is so many things I could be doing, buying more gifts or buying more plants and lights for our patio, designing place cards and menus for each table setting, however I have chosen this year to let those little things go and enjoy the lead up to Christmas and the day itself with my little people.


I am a planner, and believe that planning is the first step to achieving. Months ago I set myself some goals regarding Christmas, along with lists including a budget. My main goal was to have a calm and joyful Christmas. The festive season is often a busy time of the year however it doesn’t need to be stressful. We can make choices early on to avoid any unwanted stresses.


Another goal was to enjoy the little things. The little things with my little people. I wanted to be more present with my loved ones and enjoy a meaningful Christmas. Will my little ones notice how many lush plants are on my patio tomorrow. Probably not. So it’s not really important. What is important that they get to enjoy the lead up to Christmas, and the day itself with their parents. Time to enjoy their gifts, and enjoy one another, their parents, grandparents, and extended family.


I’m interested to hear from you! What does Christmas mean to you? How do you celebrate? How do you make your Christmas meaningful?


For those finding Christmas all too much, I wrote this blog, a couple of Christmas’s ago that you may find comforting: when the festive season becomes all too much.


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