sound the alarm: for this firefighter fun party!

Stop, drop and roll on over, this firefighter fun party is burning with details, hot and fiery!


I was thrilled when Nikki contacted me to assist her in planning her son’s birthday celebration. Little Zachary turned three in July, and he is a loyal fan of Fireman Sam. My vision was to transform the venue into a fun atmosphere fit for little firefighters!


I like to use my imagination and put extra effort into decorating a table. On this occasion, I chose a palette of three different colours, red, black and silver as inspired by fire trucks. The table was set with silver and black square paper plates. The wooden cutlery was set in red napkins. Every silver cup featured a sticker, with either the number three or a picture of a fire truck, or a special message for the birthday boy, topped with a red and white paper straw. The water bottles were given a coordinated label that said ‘Fire Hydrant Water’. The centrepiece was yellow caution signs, with various fire trucks and hedge style plants in silver pots. Each place setting had a red fire chief hat for each little party guest.


I was so thrilled Briana from Briezee Boutique could create some stylish event stationery for the celebration. From the stickers for the cups, the water bottle labels, to the fun signage provided on the activity stations.


At my little party australia we take great pleasure in putting together fun creative activities at the entrance of the party – this sets the the little party guests at ease, and gives them an opportunity to relax and enjoy the creative activities whilst the other party guests arrive.


On this occasion we organised a building block station, featuring a fabulous wooden fire station with loads of little fire trucks. And a playdough squishing station, we loaded a table with playdoh, and playdough accessories which gave the little ones and the grown-ups too an opportunity to use their imagination, and create fun firefighter-inspired stories.


As I am sure you would agree, entertainment is an essential element of every party. Fireman Kevin from Fire Engine Fun took the little fire chiefs on a fun experience on board his genuine 1960 Bedford Fire Engine. The little party guests were absolutely delighted with the ride, aswell as the firefighter drill using water from the truck! The parents were pretty pleased too, as they had the opportunity to jump on board the fire engine aswell.


If you want to give your favourite little fire chief a firefighter fun party they will get all fired up for why not create one just like this one for your next little party! You are most welcome to use any of the above ideas. Alternatively, I’d be delighted to do all the hard work for you! Hosting a child’s birthday party is no mean feat, as any parent can confirm. There are so many things to organise. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of at least some part of the mammoth task by outsourcing it? All it takes to get the party started is a phone call to me on 0424 728 798, or the click of the mouse to our contact page. I would love to create a joyful and memorable party for you and your little one!


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