baby sprinkle gratitude

they say it takes a village to raise a child and I couldn’t agree more. I am expecting baby three to arrive sometime this month and am completely blown away by my family and friends love, support and encouragement. I couldn’t have travelled the journey of pregnancy so well without them.

my beautiful friends held a baby sprinkle for me this afternoon. It was so wonderful to have my Mum and my girlfriends gather and catch up in a relaxed and fun environment. Last night, I had envisioned saying a speech before cutting the cake. I had some wonderful things to say but then started to cry. Happy tears, tears of joy. I was completely shocked at my reaction, as I can usually hold it together pretty well. Maybe it’s those pesky pregnancy hormones having fun with me.



I thought I’d take this opportunity, via my blog to deliver my speech. Although it may not be the traditional way, in front of a room of my close friends, but at least if I do want to have a cry – I can do in the comfort of my home with a box of tissues available. My aim is to convey how grateful I am for their love and support. So here goes.

Thank you to everyone who has come out this afternoon on this wet and blustery weekend to celebrate with me and baby three!


I’d love to start by thanking my beautiful friend Felicity for hosting this exceptional baby sprinkle. I am so grateful for you opening your home to us all, and creating such a fun, tropical, pink flamingo atmosphere. From the beautiful floral arrangements to the significant balloon garland, all the time invested in setup and everything in between. I met Felicity over three years ago, before we even had decided to move to Perth, and I tell you, she had me at hello. Felicity provided such a genuine and kind welcome to a kids program we attended. Felicity’s love for people runs right through from the tiniest of humans to us old folk too! She is an excellent role model as a wife and mother, and to her colleagues at work and church – she has a beautiful heart and is a woman of great value and strength. Felicity and I both have a love for design and connecting others especially through fabulous events. I have had the great pleasure of working with her on various events, including our own kids parties. Whatever the occasion, Felicity is the first to show up and the last to leave – she is incredibly dedicated and generous. Know that whatever you put your hand to Felicity it makes it increasingly better – you bring colour, love and fun to everyone around you. I am so proud to call you my friend.

I’d also like to thank Brooke! Brooke took on my least favourite task of party planning, collecting and following-up RSVPs. Brooke made quite a boring task so much fun and gave me so many giggles along the way. Brooke was also always ready to assist with any last minute requests. She lives life on the front foot and I love that about her. Like Felicity, when I met Brooke – I was instantly WOWed! Brooke has the most beautiful heart for people – she is enthusiastic, generous and fun. Like Felicity – Brooke’s desire is to help people become all that God has destined them to be: to shine, to be dazzling, to have fun, to care for others, to know their purpose and help others. If I could – I would love to hang out with Brooke, every, single day. Yep – stalker alert. Brooke brings so much love and life to the world, is an excellent role model as a wife and mother, and to her colleagues at work and church and is a woman of great value and dignity.  I really believe Brooke’s presence makes life increasingly richer, like a diamond with many facets, continuing to sparkle. Brooke – know that your enthusiasm for life will have a far-reaching impact on those around you. I am so glad we met and proud to call you my friend.

I’d also like to thank my long-time girlfriend Gilly! She couldn’t be here this afternoon, but rocked up at my home at 8am this morning to beautify me. You would think during your pregnancy you would be showered with praise, and encouragement. Unfortunately I have had some pretty negative comments spoken over me about my appearance – which was really quite shocking, and confronting. It made me feel like hiding from the world, and made me second-guess holding a celebration. What event planner could possibly go past an opportunity to celebrate? Thankfully my Mum and girlfriends encouraged me to celebrate! I love how Gilly was so eager to use her skills and talents and provide such an exceptional make-over for me! Gilly makes you feel so beautiful, providing genuine compliments on your skin, hair and other features whilst making you over. I love Gilly so much – she burst into my world fourteen years ago in Sydney, and I am so glad we can be reunited again in Perth. Like Felicity and Brooke, Gilly has a beautiful heart for others, to see them transformed. Gilly – I am so impressed with your kindness, generosity, and wisdom. Thank you for highlighting the beauty I have on the inside and the out. I love you so very much.


And last, but certainly not least – I would like to thank my beautiful Mum (and this is where the tears were flowing or should I say cascading last night). I love you so much and feel immensely blessed to be your daughter. Thank you for always standing by me, with all my life decisions, from moving to Ireland at the young age of nineteen, and then onto Sydney to attend Hillsong Bible College at the age of twenty two, to moving to Dubai at twenty seven, and marrying in Sydney (rather than Perth!), and then onto Manila, back to Sydney and then finally returning to Perth. You have been there every step of the way, every transition, every career choice and life achievement. Thank you for your love, support, encouragement and constant faith in me. I was so grateful that I didn’t need to ask – you were quick to offer to take Matthew last night, as you know how much I love to invest in party preparations. Your love for Jack and Matthew is beautiful. I am so grateful for how you raised me and hope I too can provide the same unconditional love to my boys, and baby. You are a wonderful mother to Chris, Simon and I – we wouldn’t be where we are today without your constant faith in us, your generosity, loyalty, and encouragement is inspiring. You dedication has caused us to simply blossom!

As always I will provide a recap of the event, highlighting all the fabulous businesses that were involved, but for now – I really just wanted to share my gratitude to some key friends and family who made for such a wonderful afternoon celebrating life.

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