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We are right in the thick of school holidays. In the middle of the year. And I thought what a better time to chat about self care. Why? Because we need it! We all do. Why not take some time out to stop, breathe, evaluate your schedule and potentially make a few changes that will assist you in ending the year with your head held high.

I am a doer, I like to make things happen, and can sometimes commit to doing too much, and am left tired, and potentially burnt out. I believe right in the middle of the year, it is a perfect opportunity to make some adjustments in my life and make self care a priority.

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Self care is exactly that: taking care of you. Yes you! You deserve it, wonderfully dedicated parent. We all have learnt to be others focused, to put our spouse and kids first. But where does that leave us? At the bottom. No-one gains from neglecting yourself. There is a better way I promise. I know I am a better Mum, wife and human in general when I take time out for me. Whether it be an afternoon spent at my favourite day spa, a walk along the coast, relaxing in a bubble bath, spending quality time with my friends – it leaves me feeling inspired, refreshed and encouraged.

I really believe if we treated ourselves like we would a small child, we would be incredibly better off. How do you treat a small child? You feed them healthy food. You make sure they spend some time outside. Encourage a day time nap. Don’t allow them to say mean things to themselves, and keep them from danger. Plus you put them to bed early.


Here are an additional nine ideas I use to promote self care in my world.


  1. gratitude & mindfulness. I believe a beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. When you wake up, take a second to think about what a privilege it is to be simply alive and healthy. What can you be grateful for today? The moment we start acting like life is a blessing I assure you it will start to feel like one.
  2. hug someone you love. I am a big fan of the ‘thirty second hug’. Studies have shown that this boosts your immune system and prompts the release of calming hormones.
  3. reading. I love to read good old fashioned books, but sometimes find the only thing I read is social media posts. I really believe getting lost in a good book is a form of self care. It’s a good, healthy way to escape. Why not go to the library or bookstore and sit in a comfy chair and read.



  1. exercise: whether it be a brisk walk along the coast, a swim in the ocean, or sweating out at the gym – whatever you like to do, I encourage you to make time to work out. I do love to run as it leaves me feel energised. I really enjoy swimming, but my most favourite is to go walking along the coast. A walk from Sorrento to Trigg and back is a real treat.
  2. take a bubble bath. I love taking time out to take a long relaxing bath, complete with candles and calming music.
  3. take a nap. I know it sounds like such a luxury, but I can tell you from experience it is incredibly beneficial for you and your little family.



  1. less electronics. Just recently we have reduced our Netflix subscription down to one screen. It was a strategic move, so I would be compelled to put down the iPad and read. My game plan may not have worked so well as yet, as my hubbie seems incredibly dedicated to the World Cup. Soon enough my plan will work where I will be reaching for books rather than the TV remote or iPad.
  2. listen to music. Tune into music from one of the happiest moments of your life.
  3. sit quiet in nature. Head to a beautiful quiet place and sit breathing in the fresh air, and enjoy the nature around you.

Lets take some time out for us, so we can gain momentum for the final semester, and power through the remainder of the year.

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