ROAR like a dinosaur at your next little party!

my little party

Dino-mite is the best way to describe Jack’s 6th dinosaur birthday party! We were delighted that a whole bunch of his friends and family could stomp up our driveway following the dinosaur footprints to have a roaring good time!


We like to use our imagination and put extra effort into decorating a table. On this occasion, we covered a white table with paper runners with a timber look. The table was set with grass place mats, and disposable bamboo plates. The cutlery was wrapped in a green paper napkin and the dig-in cutlery tags were tied with twine. Every recycled glass milk bottle had a green or orange paper straw. The centrepiece was made of a red dinosaur skelton in the centre, and an assortment of dinosaurs lined the table setting.

FullSizeRender-10Statement balloons are my favourite, and I couldn’t go past using gold foiled script balloons that read ROAR. They…

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