celebrating mother’s day with a grateful heart

Mum’s they do it all. And then some. So many sacrifices made for their little ones. Growing up I knew my Mum loved me, and I did understand that she did make some sacrifices. When I became a mother myself, WOW! I got an incredible realisation of how powerful that love was, and all that she did, all that she gave up, all the difficult times, and all the special moments throughout the journey of motherhood.


I am only in the early years of being a Mum, and haven’t had the joy of experiencing raising teenagers. My Mum has done it all, from those beautiful newborn cuddly days, to wildly independent toddlers, to inquisitive primary school children, to teenagers packed full of confidence, to young adults eager to discover the world, to married, having babies, and buying homes: adults. My Mum has been a tower of strength, support and encouragement throughout it all. For the most part of my life, my Mum has done this as a single Mum, with her ‘safety net’ (her family) on the other side of the world. Today I thank her, and honour her.

I really believe that ‘mother’s day’ should be celebrated. I always hear of skepticism surrounding valentines day. But never Mother’s Day. Thank goodness for that. I can only imagine my reaction to the skepticism. Mother’s Day is a timely reminder to be grateful. To thank our Mum’s for all that they do and are. To appreciate the sacrifices they made. And to show them how much they are loved.


I love hearing how Mum’s spend their Mother’s Day. For most it’s a slow start to the morning, ideally with breakfast delivered to bed and be showered attention from their little ones, given beautiful handmade cards and gifts made especially for them.

For me, I like to involve the things I love most, food and fun, but most importantly my family and my faith. I do enjoy the odd slow start in the morning, on Mother’s Day I like to seize the day, and make the very most out of it.

I love to be active, and the Mother’s Day Classic creates awareness and raises funds for a cause that I am really passionate about. I have run the MDC on my own, walked it with my little family, and just last year ran it with my eldest son Jack. Well for the most part running, I took the running down a notch, when Jack decided a piggy back was in order.

My husband, Tony always prepares a delicious high tea and we celebrate outside, with champagne in hand, basking in a beautiful autumn’s day. I love being able to celebrate at home, it means my little ones can enjoy the high tea with us, and then race back to playing with their favourite lego creation, or their trains and cars. Since moving back to Perth, we have had the privilege of celebrating with my Mum which has been incredibly special. I love having the opportunity to raise a glass to my Mum, and thank my Mum in person for all that she has done for my brothers and I. Beautiful! Kind! Generous! Thoughtful! Loyal! Successful! Are a few words that describe my Mum.

In the evening I attend the evening service at our church, and boy do I love it! The message is always geared to Mum’s, special gifts are given, and there is always a fun photo booth opportunity to enjoy with my little ones!

Motherhood is a challenging yet rewarding journey. I am so grateful to be one, and to have such a fabulous one! I love celebrating Mother’s Day and hope you had an opportunity to celebrate with a grateful heart today.

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