ordering a cake for your next little party!

the ninth step as suggested in the 10 steps to planning a fabulous little party is to order a cake or find one you would like to bake and decorate.

The Australian Women’s Weekly has been making cakes for over 80 years, and their cookbook has reached an iconic status in the hearts, minds and memories of all Australians. I still hold very fond memories of my eighth birthday cake created by my Mum, inspired by, you guessed it The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book.

We have also created our fair share of birthday cakes over the years. I clearly was inspired by the ‘number cakes’ from my eighth birthday and the book affectionately called ‘the book with the train on the cover’.

If you, like us would like to create your own cake, we recommend finding a picture for inspiration, and keep your expectations realistic. Also, know that cake materials can be costly, depending on the design. Give yourself adequate time, and if you choose to work with fondant icing, we recommend taking some time to practice in advance.

Over the past year we have handed over the task to a cake designer and as much as we have enjoyed creating our own birthday cakes, we have loved giving the opportunity to a professional, someone who is passionate about creating cakes that look and taste incredible. The gorgeous yellow cakes shown here have been created by none other than the incredibly talented Jodi Hawkey, from A Slice Above. You can learn more about Jodi and her fabulous business here.

Why choose a cake designer to bake the cake over doing it yourself? Quality and time. I am sure you have some incredible skills in the kitchen, but even my husband who has been cooking for over twenty years says baking and decorating is a a whole new level of skills, he has so much respect for bakers, and pastry Chefs. With that said, it is highly likely you are going to receive a much better quality cake. The other factor involved is time. Time is precious, and if you would like to dedicate it to baking the cake, by all means – go for it. My husband prefers to focus on the overall catering, and well I guess it goes without saying but I just love to decorate.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Cake by Jodi from A Slice Above

Regardless of whether you bake the cake yourself, or you organise for someone to do it, you need to gain an image for inspiration. Decide on how many guests you would like to accommodate. Choose a flavour. And consider dietary requirements.

I’d be delighted to do all the hard work for you, when booking a party with my little party australia I can take the pressure off, by finding a cake designer that is not only available for your little one’s party, but will deliver an absolute show stopper!

You can save yourself a whole lot of time and effort and contact my little party australia. I understand that birthday party planning can become overwhelming. Racing about with children in tow to create a party is a thing of the past. Contact my little party australia for a fuss-free and fabulous party experience for you and your little one!

Ice cream cakes by Lisa from Cakes to Celebrate by Lisa

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