a Japanese-inspired ninja warrior party!

Introducing my eldest son…Jack! Boy does he love lego. In particular ninjago lego. Jack wanted to share his love of ninjago and Japan, with his friends and family. So I got planning, and created a super, fun Japanese-inspired ninja warrior celebration for his seventh birthday.


Invitations set the tone of the celebration, and I love to splash out and order chic, well-designed, customised invitations. I wanted to build the excitement with Jack’s friends and family, so got creative with the wording for the invitation, adding a few Japanese elements. The incredibly talented Alison, from Just Add Confetti created a fabulous design, which carried right through from the invitation to all elements of the event stationery.

I was so thrilled that Alison could create some stylish event stationery for the celebration. Alison has generously offered the printables complimentary, that’s right, if you click here, you can download them for FREE which will give you the opportunity to create your very own Ninja Warrior celebration.


I like to use my imagination and put extra effort into decorating a table. On this occasion, I chose a palette of three different colours, red, black and white as inspired by traditional Japanese colours. The table was set with black and gold square paper plates, from Favorlane Party Boutique. The wooden cutlery was set in red napkins, and finished off with a cutlery wrap, with a birthday message especially for Jack: ‘Happy Birthday Ninja Jack!’. Every recycled milk bottle featured a wrap, with the number seven, wrapped in black and white striped twine, and topped with a gold straw. The water bottles were given a coordinated label highlighting the friendly ninja.


02_Emma_180325The centrepiece was stone Yukimi lanterns, grass style plants in gold pots. Each place setting had a red ninja warrior mask for each little party guest. We kicked up the birthday dojo a notch with red, black and white cushion style seating. 05_Emma_180325


I love lanterns, of any variety. On this occasion I used a selection of paper lanterns in the colours red, black and gold. We positioned these just above the table setting for the little party guests, aswell as the food table. We hung a banner that read ‘Happy Birthday Jack’ against a bamboo screen we used as the backdrop. When designing and creating the banner, Alison and I drew inspiration from Japan, using Japanese colours, and font, aswell as positioning vertically rather than horizontally.  I love working with natural looking materials, we used wooden crates and presented the food in bamboo style packaging. The Japanese umbrella, along with the banner bought in Japanese touches.


I love to welcome and greet each guest as they arrive to the party, unfortunately with the many duties of hosting, I can sometimes get caught up. With that in mind, I like to ensure there are some fun activities at the entrance of the party – this sets the the little party guests at ease, and gives them an opportunity to relax and enjoy the creative activities whilst the other party guests arrive.

11_Emma_180325On this occasion we organised a colouring station, using the Japanese language: Atisuto Station (artist / colouring station). And a Ninjago station, we loaded a table with lego, and lego accessories which gave the little ones and the grown-ups too an opportunity to use their imagination, and create fun ninjago-inspired stories.

31_Emma_180325We were delighted with Josh the Master Sensei from Parties Kids Remember who took the little ones through some serious ninja warrior training for the birthday battle! Our little party guests were delighted with all the fun games, prizes and activities, especially with these gorgeous ‘Ninja Training awards’ created by Alison from Just Add Confetti.

Food is very important for mini ninja warriors, we had a dorinku (Japanese for drink) station complete with ninja warrior water and ninja power potion to quench their thirst, and a delicious menu that not only satisfied their hunger but excited their tastebuds. The menu created by our resident Chef, Tony Craven, also known as “Jack’s Daddy” was as follows:

  • bamboo fruit boats
  • edamame
  • fried chicken slider with slaw and kewpie mayo
  • ninja warrior topped cupcakes
  • noodle boxes
  • rice crispy sushi
  • selection of lollies
  • selection of sushi
  • vegetable gyoza, and
  • yakitori skewers


40_Emma_180325We had the great pleasure of having Lisa from Cakes to Celebrate by Lisa create the incredible ninjago-inspired masterpiece. The birthday cake was two tiers of absolute goodness. The top tier a heavenly vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, and the base tier was a deliciously moist chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.


Little Jack was eager to show his gratitude to each little party guest, so suggested I organise an arigato gift station where his little friends could collect their thank you gift. We popped fortune cookies in a noodle box and topped it with a cute personalised tag.


There is nothing more important to us than long lasting memories from a my little party event. Angela Higgins is an incredibly talented photographer who captured all the important details of this little party so well.


If you have a little warrior looking for a lively ninja party why not create a Japanese-inspired ninja warrior celebration for your next little party! You are most welcome to use any of the above ideas.


Alternatively, I’d be delighted to do all the hard work for you! Hosting a child’s birthday party is no mean feat, as any parent can confirm. There are so many things to organise. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of at least some part of the mammoth task by outsourcing it? All it takes to get the party started is a phone call to me on 0424 728 798, or the click of the mouse to our contact page. I would love to create a joyful and memorable party for you and your little one!

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