booking a caterer for your next little party!

the eighth step as suggested in the 10 steps to planning a fabulous little party is to book a caterer or design a menu and write a shopping list.

Booking a caterer is super easy! Just call me! Cheekiness aside. We would be absolutely delighted to create a fun menu that coordinates with the style of your party, taking into consideration your little ones favourite foods aswell as any party guests with dietary requirements. In the event we are not available to cater for your special event, we highly recommend you choose a caterer that can customise a menu especially for you, and one that can accommodate special requests. Be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.


Want to prepare the party food yourself? Go you! I love your enthusiasm! If the thought of cooking for a large group is overwhelming. Fear not. I would love to offer you some hints and tips with preparing party food that will keep you cool in the kitchen. As I’m sure you would agree, food plays a starring role in every party, we have included some recipes on our website that will ensure delicious results every time.


First up! Organisation is key. When planning your menu, I highly recommend using readily found fresh ingredients. Decide how your guests will eat, I think offering a table for your little guests, makes it easier for them, and minimises the mess. When designing the layout of the buffet, consider the logistics, bite-sized food or food created in little cups makes it look appealing, and also reduces mess. Be realistic, create a menu that is manageable, and items you have prepared before. Also, outsource where you can, you can buy mini quiches, spring rolls, or sausage rolls, rather than preparing everything from scratch.

33_Emma_180325Secondly, I recommend making a list of the food for the party. Shop early. Get a head start in the kitchen by spreading the food preparation over several days and make any party food in advance and freeze it. Embrace super-easy kid-friendly food…like jellies! They are so easy to prepare and you can dress them up with decorations to coordinate with the theme of your party.

Be aware of any little party guests that may have food allergies or special dietary requirements. We tend to always ensure there is a vegetarian and gluten free option should a little party guest forget to tell you prior. I also highly recommend you avoid using nuts when designing your menu. There are so many kids party food options, a good balance of healthy and “sometimes food” is always appreciated by parents. I am a big fan of providing fruit and vegetables at every party. Again, we just dress them up in cute little cups, which makes them appealing for the little party guests.


Why should you book a caterer rather than doing it yourself? Convenience. Food plays the staring role at any event, but can take up a big part of your preparation time, and potentially time during the party. Enjoy playing the part of host, entertaining your guests rather than being stuck in the kitchen. When you choose a caterer for your little party, you are opening up and diversifying your menu options. Let us do what we do best – create something fun, nutritious and delicious, so you can enjoy this special day with your little one.


Convinced? Good! We would love to create a fun menu that coordinates with the style of your party! My husband, Tony is an Executive Chef who has been busy in the kitchen for over twenty years, cooking up a storm for some seriously amazing people. You can learn more about Tony in our about section of the website, or you can read this blog which I wrote recently interviewing him.

You can save yourself a whole lot of time and effort and contact my little party australia. I understand that birthday party planning can become overwhelming. Racing about with children in tow to create a party is a thing of the past. Contact my little party australia for a fuss-free and fabulous party experience for you and your little one!

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