cooking with the cravens

A little while ago in the get the kids busy in the kitchen post, I promised you some delicious food you can create with your little ones that is packed full of nutrition. Well…today is the day…ta! da! Chicken and apple balls are an easy and healthy recipe that your kids will enjoy making and eating!

I love involving our children in cooking, it’s a great opportunity to educate our children on healthy choices and gives them a hands-on experience with fresh food. We also believe it helps improve their fine motor skills, time management, planning and reading.

We love good food, and also love being able to incorporate healthy, low sugar options at events we host. Some really simple healthy options for party food are summer berry cups, which are cups filled with your favourite berries and summer fruits, we choose to fill them with slices of strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon. Another option is serving a selection of dips with vegetable crudities. We find that these are a favourite with the little ones and grown-ups too!In addition to the fruit cups, and vegetable and dip platter, chicken and apple balls are definitely a crowd favourite. You can serve these for a meal along with a fresh green salad, or a snack, and they also make the perfect finger food for your next little party! The grated apple adds a delicious flavour, and they are versatile at being able to be served hot or cold.

With only five steps in the recipe these can be easily created with your little ones. Why not get your little ones busy in the kitchen, making this fun recipe. It’ll keep their hands and brains busy. We created these with our eldest son Jack, and with a little help from our youngest son, Matthew, and boy did we all have fun!


Click here to view the recipe. So what are you waiting for, gather your little ones, pop on your apron and make those delicious chicken and apple balls!

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