choosing decorations for your next little party!

The sixth step as suggested in the 10 steps to planning a fabulous little party blog post is to choose decorations.

I absolutely love to decorate and celebrate! I believe it can be quite easy to create an atmosphere that will make your little party guests feel happy, welcome and ready to celebrate!

When choosing your decorations including a table setting, balloons, and the food table, I suggest starting with a color scheme, and then go wild from there! I like to feature the birthday boy or girl’s favourite colour, and add other colours that compliment.

I encourage you to create a board on Pinterest, and start pinning some images of the theme or style of party you are interested in creating. The internet is a fabulous source of suppliers for party decorations. You may be surprised to find some pieces around your home that work in well with the theme, that you can use as a centrepiece for the table setting, or a prop for the food table.


A statement backdrop is a must, it will give your food table the WOW-factor. There are so many items you can use from a chalkboard, streamers and balloons, a screen with scripted balloons, and everything in between. I encourage you to think outside the box, and get creative!

Balloons are a great way to bring a theme and color scheme together. I find most children love balloons! Jumbo balloons filled with confetti look fabulous! You can create a balloon arch or garland from scratch, or even order one online which will come with step-by-step instructions.

22137092_2025395047697014_1538565307866590625_oMaking your own decorations is worth the effort, if you have the time, as everyone appreciates all those personal finishing touches. I love digging out some card, pencil and scissors to create banners! Or working with my husband to create fun props, he enjoys creating things with timber, whilst I love to paint and decorate.

What makes the occasion special is the choice, the combination and the positioning of the furniture, aswell as the tableware, napkins, and centrepiece. Lighting plays an important key, aswell as music.


I recommend choosing a space in your home that is spacious enough for you to hold all the little party guests, and parents comfortably. Think about the light, lots of natural light is your friend – it will make your table setting, and decorations shine! Remove all clutter from the party space, and stash it out of sight. That means kids toys, bikes, big plants, gardening tools – anything that can get in the way of guests. I also recommend keeping pets away from the party area.

Make the table setting for your little ones the highlight, ideally centerstage of your party space. This can create the WOW-factor and immediately make your guests feel at ease and welcome, knowing that a space has been especially created for them. Clusters of comfortable chairs sprinkled around, perfectly placed so different groups of people can have different conversations. The location of the food table and drinks station should encourage traffic flow and discourage congestion.


Interesting, energetic music can be found everywhere. If time has run away and I haven’t been able to customise a soundtrack for the party – I use one of Spotify’s playlists.

Don’t have the time to organise prefect decor for your next little party? Let me assist you! You can save yourself a whole lot of time and effort and contact my little party australia. I understand that birthday party planning can become overwhelming. Racing about with children in tow to create a party is a thing of the past. Contact my little party australia for a fuss-free and fabulous party experience for you and your little one!



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