you too can have a slice above the rest

Jodi from A Slice Above is a talented baker, who has been busy creating significant cakes for all occasions since she was a little girl. Jodi believes that you can definitely have your cake and eat it too.  I thought it’d be great to introduce you to my go-to cake designer. I am always impressed with the cakes Jodi produces, the creativity is evident in every layer of every cake. Jodi is an absolute breath of fresh air, she is is energetic, generous, gracious and enthusiasti, which I am sure you will discover as the interview unfolds.

Jodi! Thanks so much for your time today – it seems like you are always creating a cake masterpiece, what is the latest? I most definitely am always in the kitchen with icing sugar all over me! My latest was my Christmas cake I shared with my family on Christmas Eve!


Wow! That is a Christmas masterpiece – I bet your family loved it! Now, lets start from the beginning, when did you make your first cake? And was it under careful supervision of a family member? Every year around my birthday my Mum and I would sit with the Woman’s Weekly cake book and choose what cake I would have that year. It was always so exciting and Mum ALWAYS did an excellent job at creating a masterpiece for me! Although I do wish there was Pinterest when I was growing up! The first cake I remember making was a porcupine for my dad’s birthday. My mum watched over, but I got my creativity from her so she always let me do my thing

Did you gain your love of baking from your Mum? Yes! Mum and I spent hours in the kitchen together while I was growing up! My Gran is an awesome baker too so I am lucky!


How long have you been designing cakes professionally? I created my business A Slice Above in May 2017 and I’ve loved seeing it grow!

What do you do for fun?  I study Occupational Therapy (not sure if the studying is considered fun…) I love my course and I cannot wait to start work as an OT. I’m also a dancer; I’ve been dancing since I could walk! I do Ballet, Jazz and Tap. I love being with friends and family in my spare time and love travelling (who doesn’t!).

Can you tell me what is your most memorable achievement with your cake business, A Slice Above? My most memorable would definitely be creating my best friends wedding cake and being able to share the day (and the cake) with her on her special day.


Tell me, is there a baker that you admire most, and why? I am always watching Rosie’s Dessert Spot on YouTube. She is an Australian cake decorator and gives awesome tips and tricks on cake designing

Where do you find your inspiration? PINTEREST! When I’m not baking I’m looking at cakes on Pinterest

What are your favourite cakes to create? Simple naked (this just means the icing is scraped back on the sides, not made in the nude! Hehe) buttercream cake with beautiful flowers. Can’t resist a good drip cake too! With flowers as well, of course!


Best advice for a home enthusiast? YouTube tutorials will become your best friend. Just type in the kind of look you are going for and I have no doubt someone has created a step-by-step guide for you! And if not shoot me a message and I’ll give you some tips. Best tip… be patient, cakes take a lot longer than you think!

What is your secret? No secret, just doing what I love!

What would be your advice to those wanting to create a cake for their own childs party? If you feel capable to achieve the look you want, then go for it! There is nothing more special than looking back at your childhood and seeing all the cakes your mum or dad made you every year!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I loved hearing your answers.

I would also like to make a special mention of your recent hard work towards Jack’s Lemonade Stand raising money for LIFEkids at C3 The Bukit, Bali. We are so grateful for you donating all those scrumptious lemon cupcakes, but most importantly all the time you invested baking and icing them. Thank you Jodi! 

Well there you go, a background of our preferred cake designer, Jodi from A Slice Above. I hope this helped you get to know the woman who is behind the cakes at my little party australia. If you have any questions for Jodi or myself, feel free to comment below. And as always, if you are finding planning your little ones birthday overwhelming and need some assistance – we would love to help you! All it takes to get the party started is a phone call to me on 0424 728 798, or the click of the mouse to our contact page. I would love to create a joyful and memorable party for you and your little one!


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