ordering invitations for your next little party!

The fifth step as suggested in the 10 steps to planning a fabulous little party blog post is to create a guest list and order invitations.

When creating a guest list, I like to encourage child-involvement. However I do understand that most school-aged children are incredibly inclusive and would like to invite their whole class, their friends that live in their street, friends from their sporting team and church, which can become quite an extensive list and may not be practical for your choice of venue and budget.

Since our eldest son, Jack has started school, we have always suggested to invite all the boys within his class, a few friends from outside of school, and this year he showed interest in inviting some girls from his class too. This is a manageable number for us, and Jack seems quite happy with the friends he has invited. We encourage you to do what it is right for you and your family. Once your guest list has been created, its time to get started on your invitations.

Invitations can be created a variety of ways, ranging from a quick phone call, or you can create an invitation online, and send via email or text. I like to create or order chic, well-designed printed invitations and send them in the mail. I absolutely love working with the incredibly talented Alison from Just Add Confetti who loves to create invitations aswell as coordinated event stationery for your next little party. I recommend ordering invitations or creating them yourself at least six weeks prior to the party and sending them three weeks prior. I find school aged children take great delight in hand delivering their invitations. Whatever the format, the invitation sets the tone of the celebration and provides the information that the party guests need.

Beyond making a striking first impression, the role of the party invitation is to convey the facts. Here is what to include:

  • the reason for the celebration
  • the date and the time
  • the location
  • an RSVP line
  • any other relevant information, whether it be a costume party, a surprise party, or maybe you would like to extend the invitation to the guest’s siblings

I recommend that your RSVP line, includes your preferred method of contact whether it be an email or phone number and a date of when you would like to know their response by. I tend to chose about a week prior to the event. I find the majority of guests parents will respond to you within the the RSVP deadline, but there is always some that haven’t responded. I do understand that it can be disappointing, as you are so excited about planning your little ones celebration, however they may not have received the invitation.

When I chase up RSVPs, I start with a gentle approach by sending a text message to the parent asking whether they received the invitation. It is then they either say no they haven’t received the invitation, and you can tell them the details of the celebration. If they have received it, the parent will tend to start with an apology of not responding sooner and an explanation of why. I strongly recommend chasing up the RSVPs, as its always best to plan the catering, entertainment and thank you gifts around a definite number of guests. I tend to work off a 50-60% yes rate. On the occasion you haven’t received the numbers you thought you would, you can always extend the invitation to others.

Whether you choose to order a digital or printed invitation, I would love to assist you. Racing about with your children by your side to create a party is a thing of the past. Contact my little party australia for a fuss-free, fabulous party experience for you and your little one!

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