an attitude of gratitude

Thanksgiving is the American holiday I would love for Australia to adopt. Why? Because it’s centred around gratitude. If you have had the opportunity of reading my very first blog post: celebrate life with a grateful heart, you will know that I am pretty passionate about gratitude.

Most people associate the word gratitude with saying thank you. Which essentially is correct, but it can be so much more than that. Practicing gratitude regularly is not just an action but a positive emotion.

Developing an attitude of gratitude is great for your overall sense of wellbeing. I promise it will bring about happiness. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis can help you in every area of your life, it can improve your relationships, strengthen your emotions, develop your personality and can benefit your career.

When I committed to the grateful project four years ago, I recognised very quickly how my perspective on the world and my circumstances shifted. I no longer saw the glass half empty, soon enough the glass was overflowing with goodness! I started acknowledging all the positives in my life. From my hardworking husband, to my beautiful child, to my friends and family. Some days I was grateful for sunshine, or the opportunity to spend some time at the beach. Whatever the reason, it made me feel good when reflecting on the day.

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I highly recommend the project: 365 grateful, you can either record it in a journal in private, or like me you can share it publicly by posting daily via social media. Okay, so maybe you are not quite ready for a year-long project. How about ten days? Ten days will lead us right up to the thanksgiving holiday. If you choose to record what you are grateful for, on Thursday the 23rd November, you can sit back and reflect on all those moments of goodness. I promise you – you will feel so good! And may even possibly want to continue on with your journey of discovering the benefits of gratitude.

Fast forward four years from when I started my journey on discovering the power of gratitude, and I am grateful for very similar things. My family, and friends, the delicious food my husband creates, my faith and the fun that my two boys bring me on a daily basis! When life throws a curve ball, I have the choice to be upset or look at a way that curve ball can bring me joy. It may even become something I can be grateful for.

I hope this post has encouraged you to know and appreciate the power of gratitude. I hope you feel inspired to give thanks, and maybe even celebrate with a grateful heart.

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One Reply to “an attitude of gratitude”

  1. Emma – this is a particularly good weekly blog. It is so easy to do – but alas rarely done by people. We’re a first world problem meaning our issues are generally not issues of basics like food & accommodation as in the 3rd world countries. Well done on a well written & thought out subject. Dad

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