jack’s lemonade stand

We were absolutely delighted that so many people from the community came to visit Jack’s lemonade stand, and supported Jack in his efforts of raising much-needed funds and awareness for the little ones of Bali. The sun shone that extra bit brighter, the lemonade was refreshing and there was lots of fun to be had!

There is something quite wonderful about setting up an old fashioned lemonade stand on a spring afternoon. Winter was behind us. The days were becoming brighter and warmer, it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate with the community and support those less fortunate than us.


This was our second year of hosting the fundraising event. The first year we put it together on the fly, but still managed to raise $148.50. This year we started planning the event earlier, and invited more of the community, with the aim to raise at least double, ideally triple what we had raised the previous year. We were absolutely blown away by the generosity of the community and managed to raise well over four times what we did last year. The end result was $659.50.

To all those, who gathered your little ones and came along to join the fun in the sun…thank you! Together we made a difference. Together we encouraged and inspired the little ones of Perth to help and transform the lives of the little ones of Bali.


I am sure you would agree with me no child should go without. When living in the Philippines I found seeing poverty on a daily basis quite confronting and upsetting. I could not stand back and watch, I had to get in there and help. Now living in Australia I still hold those vivid memories of children living in poverty. I’m delighted that my little family along with our community could make a difference in the little lives of C3 The Bukit LIFEKids Bali. In the event you missed the opportunity of supporting the cause via the fundraiser, you are most welcome to donate via BaliLife, as the majority of kids that attend LIFEKids are part of BaliLife.

We were thrilled with the support of the community, and that so many small business’ came onboard to support the event. Proving that it is far better to give than to get. It is quite rewarding thinking beyond yourself and demonstrating kindness to others. Alison, Felicity, Jodi and Olivia led the way with this, using their skills and talents to make a difference in the little lives of the little ones of Bali. You can find out more about what their business offers by clicking here.


Invitations are what give the initial excitement of the upcoming event! Jack coloured over fifty invitations for our neighbours, and his friends at his school and our local church. Additionally, Alison from Just Add Confetti created a fabulous invitation we were able to use on our website and social media pages. Alison was so kind and generous to create and donate all the event stationary elements from the invitation, to the bottle and food labels, the show bag labels, welcome banner and mini signs, highlighting the showbags and colouring station.

Olivia from Celebration Blackboards created the sign for the the little lemonade stand, and was so kind to donate the hello sunshine tabletop a-frame blackboard for the event. It provided the perfect backdrop for the delicious lemon butter.

What’s an event without balloons? Felicity from Styled by Felicity and I created the cascade of balloons, which made a big impact on decorating the event, and highlighted the bake sale table.

my little party australia take great pleasure in putting together fun creative activities for our little party guests. On this occasion we created a colouring station, which was a hit with all the little ones.

We offered an extensive amount of high quality lemon-inspired treats at our bake sale table. Anthony Craven, from my little party australia is passionate about creating fresh and delicious catering for little ones and grown-ups too, Anthony outdid himself by creating the following menu:

  • coconut & lemon bliss balls
  • lemon butter
  • lemon chiffon cakes
  • lemon cookies
  • lemon cupcakes
  • lemon delicious jellies
  • lemon & poppyseed loaf, and
  • lemon slice


The highlight of the catering was definitely the thirst quenching lemonade, the lemon slice and the lemon cupcakes created by Jodi Hawkey from A Slice Above. Jodi created and generously donated the most incredible cupcakes iced like little lemons. They were the cutest.

There is nothing more important to us than long lasting memories from a fabulous my little party australia event. We were delighted that Felicity Clay from Styled by Felicity jumped aboard as our official photographer for the event, she captured the event exceptionally well. Felicity is an incredibly talented photographer and a wonderful person to invest her time and talent into the event.

We created showbags to raise extra funds for the little ones of Bali. They sold out quicker than I could say….”roll up! roll up! get your show bags”. I was so pleased that the kids loved them! I’ll make sure I make more next year.

All in all it was a successful event. I am confident the community were delighted to be a part of something that made such a great impact, and the little ones of Bali will be blessed by the impressive contribution. Jack felt the satisfaction of helping a worthy cause, additionally he also got an opportunity to practice his maths skills and had a great time creating the lemonade and sweet treats.


If you are passionate about a worthy cause and would like to raise much needed funds and awareness for your cause why not create a lemonade stand for your next little fundraiser! You are most welcome to use any of the above ideas. Alternatively, I’d be delighted to do all the hard work for you! Hosting a fundraiser is no mean feat, as any event planner can confirm. There are so many things to organise. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of at least some part of the mammoth task by outsourcing it? All it takes to get the party started is a phone call to me on 0424 728 798, or the click of the mouse to our contact page. I would love to create a joyful and memorable fundraiser for you and your little one!

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    1. Thanks so much Dad – you are always so supportive. You know your daughter very well…next year will be even BIGGER & BETTER!!


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