the people’s choice

How beautiful is that smile? Simply gorgeous. Why is he smiling? Well in addition to me asking him to smile for the camera, little Jack had just received an award. Jack was absolutely delighted when he received this form of recognition. Jack’s class teacher, Miss King gave him this award for his great efforts in skip counting. Both Tony and I are so proud of him.

I am a big believer in recognition, and believe it brings forth happiness and big, beautiful smiles, just like the one you see in the photo above. Rewards and recognition are two highly effective ways of motivating people.

A couple of days ago I heard a radio advertisement encouraging the community to vote for their favourite teacher. When I heard this, I immediately thought of Jack’s class teacher. Miss King is an absolutely beautiful teacher, who is caring, compassionate, enthusiastic and kind. Miss King’s reputation throughout the school and community is exceptional.

I remember hearing about how fabulous she was whilst Jack was in pre-primary. I had to meet this woman and find out what all the fuss is about. And WOW! I can tell you first hand about all that fuss. Miss King is a positive person who is passionate about people and teaching little people, our children, the next generation. Miss King has dedicated her life to the education of other people’s children, and does it to an incredibly high standard. The impact that she is making on the children’s lives is nothing short of amazing.

I was absolutely delighted to hear about the people’s pick or as I like to call it, the people’s choice as it is such a great opportunity for parents, staff and the community to recognise their dedicated and talented teacher. I was looking for an opportunity to show Miss King how grateful I was for all her hard work and this was it! If you would like to vote for Miss King, then click here.

Not quite convinced to vote yet? That’s ok, I am more than happy to keep singing Miss King’s praises! Miss King’s passion is contagious, and she has managed to infect her students with an incredible love for learning.  Jack is so eager to learn, which I am so grateful. Just recently, during the school holidays, Jack has taken a keen interest in practicing division and writing short stories at home. I believe Jack’s class teacher, Miss King plays a big part in Jack’s eagerness to learn.

The thing I love most about Miss King is that sure, she does value academic excellence, however far above that she values the wellbeing of all her students. Teachers who care about their students have more impact on how well the students do at school. Miss King is warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. I love that I can talk to Miss King at any time about Jack’s development but most importantly his well being. Convinced now? Of course you are, click here to vote and give Miss King a big beautiful smile, just like Jack’s!

If you, like me believe our teachers are the unsung heroes of the community I encourage you to nominate your teacher. It’s super easy! Just click here, and follow the three easy steps! In the event your child’s teacher is chosen the school wins a $1000 Modern Teachers Aids voucher. But most importantly whether your nominated teacher wins the people choice or not – they will be recognised and know first hand how grateful for all that they do and are which is the boost that they need for the final quarter of the year. So come on – together – lets champion our teachers!

And finally a special message to Jack’s beautiful class teacher: thank you Miss King for teaching Jack, you have made parenting a little easier to navigate with all your hints and tips. But most importantly, thank you for helping gorgeous little Jack to become all that he is destined to be, to shine, to have fun, to care for others, to discover his purpose and like you, to be an excellent role model in the world.



2 Replies to “the people’s choice”

  1. Thank you so much Emma! This is beautiful! You have literally blown me away and I am in tears! Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s lovely having such beautiful parents and I love our regular chats about Jack and life in general. I hope you guys are having the best holidays! Thanks for making my day and the birthday wishes! See you guys in a couple of days!
    Kaylie King

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    1. Thanks so much Kaylie! I am so pleased you enjoyed it and it made your day! You truely are an incredibly talented teacher and deserve the people’s pick award and so much more. Thank you for making this year the very BEST year of Jack’s education. We are so grateful for all that you do and are. Looking forward to seeing you soon xx


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