parenting with intention

I cannot even tell you how many strategy meetings I have attended in my career. Countless. But as parents do we ever sit down and plan on how we can parent our children intentionally? Yep, I must have missed the memo on that meeting. I’m sure you would agree with me that there is so much value in casting vision for your child and helping them launch into the next season of their life.

The responsibility of raising happy, healthy, well-adjusted children can be overwhelming. The world is changing everyday, the pace has picked up. It seems to get faster, busier and more complex. Our schedules are overloaded, and then comes the stress. It can be all too much.

I try my very best to keep my parenting style simple, and raise Jack and Matthew with good wholesome values. I try to avoid the hype of having to do everything, and be part of every after school activity, and join every club just for the sake of keeping up with the Jones’. Because lets face it the Jones’ are too busy and stressed out anyway.

I love following blogs and reading books on relationships and in particular parenting. Tony and I enjoy attending seminars on parenting. We currently attend a group every month, and as a group we are reading the book Intentional Parenting by Sissy Goff, David Thomas and Melissa Trevathan. Throughout the book, the authors  encourage you to to be a reflective and proactive parent. I particularly enjoy how the authors encourage us to be intentional when parenting our children.

The book covers various characteristics. Kicking off with being an intentional parent, and moving on to being a patient parent, a grown-up parent, a balanced parent, a consistent parent, a playful parent, a connected parent, an encouraging parent and so forth.

I find it amusing that patience is one of the first topics they tackle. Amusing because patience is not one of my strengths. Although I must admit I am an exceptionally patient parent when my eldest son is at school and my youngest son is taking a nap. How outrageous. I acknowledge that it is not one of my strengths, but I am teachable and keen to become more patient. I love some of the tips the authors provide, for example: give yourself a time out. There has been many a time, I have gone to “check the mail” when I know full well the letterbox is empty. Another great tip is to start 15 minutes earlier, I have adopted that tip this term, by setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier than we usually wake, and I have found that we have been arriving to school early, avoiding all the “put your SSHHOOOOEESS on” drama, feeling calm and happy. It’s set both Jack and I up for a positive day.

Just this weekend the group met to discuss being an encouraging parent. I am a big believer on encouraging your child. One of the best builders in confidence in children is to praise them. Your child will rise to the level of belief in him. I know this firsthand, when I have been in a work or volunteering environment where the manager or leader believes in me and believes I can do something far above what I think I am capable of, I will rise to the challenge. I try my very best to adopt this practice with raising our boys. Words are powerful, and I like to use them to praise and uplift.

Intentional parenting is a difficult choice to make. Tony and I have chosen to be intentional parents, and yes it does takes extra time and effort but I really believe the value in it will far outweigh the cost involved. You can do this too! For all those based in Perth you are most welcome to borrow the book from me, and join our group. Alternatively you can order the book which will empower you to be an intentional parent.




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    1. Absolutely! It is so important to take good care of ourselves! As the air host always says when providing the ‘in case of emergency instructions’, take care of yourself before taking care of others. You are worth it! 🙂


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