we see a man. they see a hero.

Dads sometimes get a bad wrap. Yep, they probably don’t quite bath, change, dress your child exactly how you want. Maybe they let things go that you would prefer to be drawn to your child’s attention. Like picking their nose for example, or choosing not to wear underwear. And on occasions Dads may forget something, but boy do they bring a whole different element to parenting that Mums don’t.

I am always so impressed that Tonys first thing to do when he arrives home from work is to meet Jack out in the backyard for some sort of sporting activity. Whether it be kicking a soccer ball or football to each other, or playing basketball. I love that they share similar interests and love spending time together. Tony couldn’t care less what’s happening in the home, what is on TV, or on social media, he just wants to get outside with his boys.

Time. It’s such a wonderful way of showing someone you love them. Yes, I am probably biased in saying that, considering my primary love language is quality time. However a good friend of ours has always said that children spell love: t i m e. I couldn’t agree more. When you spend time with your child, you are creating memories that last a lifetime.

I am beyond blessed by fond memories of growing up. My Dad was there cheering me on in the rain whilst I played netball. My Dad drove a 60 kilometer round trip every Friday so I could attend youth group. When I wasn’t well enough for school, I had the great pleasure of riding around in my Dad’s company car, with him at the wheel, and me as an incredibly talented backseat driver, with road map in my hands and all. My Dad took us on picnics, to the drive-in theatre, to the zoo and the beach more times than I can remember. To be fair it wasn’t about the event or location itself, it was about being together.

I am so glad my Dad chose to spend time with me. I am so grateful for the healthy and uplifting memories. I am also so glad that Tony chooses to spend time with Jack and little Matthew. They are growing up knowing that they are loved. Loved beyond words.

I understand quality time with your little one can come with a real sacrifice. Yes the things that you need to do are important but can I encourage you, giving the gift of quality time, of undivided attention, says to your child: you matter. You are important. I enjoy being with you. I care about you. I love you.

So on this Father’s Day weekend, I want to thank all the Dad’s out there. Thank you for choosing to spend time with your little ones. Whether it was kicking the footy together, cooking or sharing a meal. Reading a book or watching a movie together, playing connect four or monopoly for the fifth time running. Thank you. You are a champion Dad, your kids are so proud of you. They look up to you. And when they look up, they don’t see a man. They see a hero. A superhero. In my books, a man that has chosen to spend precious time with their little ones is pretty SUPER!


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