choosing a date for your next little party!

my little party australia believes parties should be fun and exciting, so hosting can be a pleasure. I do understand that planning a children’s party can be quite a time consuming activity and with so many things to organise, order and find, its enough to send stress levels soaring. I believe we can all avoid any unnecessary stress if we are super organised for the big day.

Your first step as suggested in the 10 steps to planning a fabulous little party, is to decide on the party date and time. I believe weekend parties are best for little ones as extended family can attend too. I tend to avoid hosting a party in the morning as some children attend sport or church. I have attended many after school parties, they work well for school aged children.

To determine whether a weekend or an afternoon mid week party suits you and your little party guests best, I would suggest you consider the following to ensure maximum guest attendance:

  • holidays, I would recommend avoiding holding the party on a religious holiday or public holidays, as I find family events are scheduled then, alternatively people choose to go on holiday
  • school calendar, setting the date during the school holidays is a good option, however I suggest you check in your  little ones favorite friends to see that they haven’t gone away on holiday, and can attend the little party
  • sports schedules, kids sport commitments can be hard to avoid, as they can be morning or afternoon on Saturday or Sunday. As a general rule, I do try my best to avoid holding a party on Saturday morning to avoid the majority of kids sport commitments

Your prime days of the week for a kids party is definitely Saturday or Sunday. But if weekends don’t work for you, an afternoon school party does work well too! Keep in mind party planners and caterers busiest time is generally the weekend, you may find they offer a discount or a free upgrade for parties held during the week.

Allow enough time to plan your party to keep party pressure at bay and make it a joyful experience. If you have limited time to plan the party, I suggest hiring a party planner. I have extensive event management experience and would love the opportunity to work with you on your next little party! You are most welcome to email me with your preferred party date and any ideas you have, or you can complete the enquiry form on our contact page, so I can assist you on getting the party started.

The next step to planning a fabulous little party is choosing a location. Check back soon for more hints and tips on choosing a location, general event planning aswell as all the usual birthday fun!

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