baking with Grandmama for a golf par-tee!

my little party australia enjoyed a little celebration today in the form of an afternoon tea party! The little ‘tee par-tee’ was to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I wanted to tailor the day to suit the honoree. With a bit of imagination we made Tony’s favorite hobby, golf, the basis of his birthday party.

A couple of rounds of mini golf in the morning was easily the best start to the day! As a child, my Dad took my brothers and I to Wanneroo Botanical Golf many times, we loved exploring the little paths that took us on an incredible journey throughout the lush gardens. I was delighted that our boys could now enjoy in what I hold as a treasured childhood memory. Beautiful green lawns, water features, fountains, lush gardens including tropical foliage is just a taste of what you can expect at Wanneroo Botanical Golf. We highly recommend it for a great day out that the whole family can enjoy!

We all worked up quite an appetite, especially considering we played not one but two rounds of golf. Luckily I had created a fun and easy menu that tied in well with the golf theme! Golf ball cookies, worm burner jellies, chip shots, and a selection of lollies and popcorn surrounded the novelty cupcakes with coloured shredded coconut as grass, a kool mint for a golf ball, and cute little golf flags I made especially that read Happy Birthday!

An important element of a birthday celebration is the cake. Let me let you in on a little secret….cooking is not my strength. Gasp! Tony is definitely the King of the Kitchen in our home. I couldn’t possible ask the honoree to bake his own cake, now could I? To be fair, I have baked Tony many a birthday cake over the time we have been together, but thought this year I would share the great pleasure with his Mum, Jill. Hello Grandmama! So whilst, Grandmama and our eldest son Jack got busy in the kitchen baking some delicious cupcakes, I took to decorating the table.

At any party, the dining table is the centre of the action, the place where guests and hosts convene for the main event. I spent my time this afternoon making sure it looked great. I like to create a table that is stylish, inviting, not too busy and a clear reflection of the style of the event. I like to mix styles, colours and materials until I strike the right balance between festive and functional. I chose colours to compliment the palette, I used grass-like textured mats on the table to really set the golf scene, and scattered golf balls across the table. The focal point was the golf cupcakes. I added a DIY touch with the handmade golf flags for each cupcake.

Weather can be particularly challenging this time of year for an outdoor party, however the skies were clear and the sun was bright! We were delighted our extended family could ‘swing by’ and join in the birthday fun, helping with decorating and playing spontaneous party games with our eldest son, Jack. We all enjoyed spending time together in our backyard enjoying the delicious treats and festivities!

If your little one loves to bake, we’ve got the ingredients for the delicious cupcakes just right, ensuring your little chef will have a lot of fun in the kitchen and you can enjoy a sweet treat: click here for the recipe.

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the golf course, as I recapped my husband’s birthday celebration. We were all grateful to hear that Tony said the little ‘tee par-tee’ definitely scored a ‘hole in one’!

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