10 steps to planning a fabulous little party

Children love a good party! My eldest son, Jack counts down the days till his big day! There is so much excitement and anticipation that builds up around the celebration. Creating a fun and memorable party for the little ones in your life can be an easy and a joyful experience when you are organised.

I really do believe organisation is the key to success and keeps you ahead of the game. With that in mind I have created ten steps with some helpful tips along the way to create a fun and fabulous little party! Click on each link to discover more information, aswell as extra hints and tips.

  1. decide on the party date and time.
  2. choose a location.
  3. choose a theme.
  4. book entertainment.
  5. create a guest list and order invitations.
  6. choose your decorations.
  7. book a photographer.
  8. book a caterer.
  9. order a cake or find one you would like to bake and decorate. The Australian Women’s Weekly has been making cakes for over 80 years, and their cookbook has reached an iconic status in the hearts, minds and memories of all Australians. I still hold very fond memories of my eighth birthday cake created by Mum, inspired by….you guessed it The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book.
  10. organise party bags and thank you cards. Party bags are always a big hit at children’s parties! You can fill them with all sorts of goodies! You can get creative with this and provide your little party guests with something unique like an iced cookie, a toy, a plant, a framed photo of the little party guest with the birthday boy or girl.

…or you could save yourself a whole lot of time and effort and contact my little party australia! I understand that birthday party planning can become overwhelming. I would love to help you! Racing about with children in tow to create a party is a thing of the past. Contact my little party australia for a fuss-free and fabulous party experience for you and your little one!

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