ROAR like a dinosaur at your next little party!

Dino-mite is the best way to describe Jack’s 6th dinosaur birthday party! We were delighted that a whole bunch of his friends and family could stomp up our driveway following the dinosaur footprints to have a roaring good time!


We like to use our imagination and put extra effort into decorating a table. On this occasion, we covered a white table with paper runners with a timber look. The table was set with grass place mats, and disposable bamboo plates. The cutlery was wrapped in a green paper napkin and the dig-in cutlery tags were tied with twine. Every recycled glass milk bottle had a green or orange paper straw. The centrepiece was made of a red dinosaur skelton in the centre, and an assortment of dinosaurs lined the table setting.

FullSizeRender-10Statement balloons are my favourite, and I couldn’t go past using gold foiled script balloons that read ROAR. They were positioned just above the food table, against the bamboo screen we used as the backdrop. We chose to use a lot of natural materials, wooden crates and rounded up decorations in browns and greens. I enjoyed incorporating woodgrain, grass and bamboo textures. A variety of dinosaurs bought in lots of prehistoric touches. We included a couple of palms, and plants, along with vases of foliage we found in our garden and created a ROARsome Dinosaur terrarium which was hit with all the party guests, the little ones and the grown-ups too!


As I am sure you would agree, entertainment is an essential element of every party. Generally I take on the task of organising games and activities for the little party guests. On this occasion we chose to hire an entertainer. Booking a paleontologist from Parties Kids Remember was super easy! Hiring a trained, experienced and professional entertainer added a fun dimension to the party and it removed a whole organisational layer from our to-do-list. Josh the Palentologist took the little party guests on an exciting dinosaur adventure! The fun outdoor-themed games and a dinosaur dance where the little party guests got to romp and stomp like little dinosaurs was not only a lot of fun, but it also meant our little paleontologists worked up quite an appetite.

FullSizeRender-9Food is very important for mini paleontologists, we had jungle juice to quench their thirst, and a delicious menu that not only satisfied their hunger but excited their taste buds. The menu created by our resident Chef, Tony Craven, also known as “Jack’s Daddy” was as follows:

  • brontosaurus burgers
  • dinosaur eggs
  • fossil cookies
  • molten lava volcanoes
  • prehistoric cakes
  • stegosaurus spikes
  • swamp sludge jelly, and
  • herbivore veggies with dino dip


Tony created a Dino Lava cake for Jack’s birthday cake. Four layers of chocolate cake, chocolate butter cream, Nutella, crushed chocolate chip cookies and chocolate lava ganache topped with Jack’s favorite dinosaurs.


Did you know, ROARRR means thank you in dinosaur? We chose to fill brown paper bags with loads of goodies! To make it really authentic, we attached a wooden peg and a thank you tag that said ROARRR means thank you in dinosaur, created by the incredibly talented Alison from Just Add Confetti! We filled the bags to the brim with lollies, chocolates, novelty gifts and small plastic dinosaurs which made it a perfect take-home treat.


If you want to give your little T-REX something to roar about why not create a dinosaur party for your next little party! You are most welcome to use any of the above ideas. Alternatively, I’d be delighted to do all the hard work for you! Hosting a child’s birthday party is no mean feat, as any parent can confirm. There are so many things to organise. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of at least some part of the mammoth task by outsourcing it? All it takes to get the party started is a phone call to me on 0424 728 798, or the click of the mouse to our contact page. I would love to create a joyful and memorable party for you and your little one!


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    1. Thanks so much! We really like to use our imagination and design a table setting and menu that kids will love!


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