get the kids busy in the kitchen

School holidays are in full swing here in Western Australia. Ideally I would love to take our boys to the beach and the park. We are at our happiest when we are outdoors, and I really enjoy keeping my family active. The weather has not been the best, which has made keeping children entertained challenging.

Fortunately I am a member of an excellent local leisure centre which gave us all an opportunity to do what we do best. My youngest boy, loves nothing more than pottering around the creche playing with toys. My eldest boy, Jack really enjoyed the games and crafts at the kids club whilst catching up with his school friends. My husband, Tony took to the pool, swimming more laps than I care to imagine and I took to the treadmill, and got one step closer to running ten kilometers.

In addition to fitness, I must admit I do enjoy good food. We thought what better way to embrace being indoors this school holidays than to get the kids busy in the kitchen. At home, Tony is eager to spend more time together in the kitchen, building confidence in both myself and our eldest son. I am passionate about creating healthier habits that can be passed on to our children and our children’s children.

On this occasion, nutrition was put on the back burner. But don’t despair – I promise we will share with you some delicious food you can create with your little ones for your next little party that is packed full of nutrition. We decided to create something fun and delicious! Smartie pants cookies met our requirements perfectly, they are a bright and colourful treat. Our eldest boy enjoyed making and decorating the cookies whilst our youngest enjoyed a few sneaky smarties himself.

Whilst sitting in his high chair, our youngest takes great delight in watching us prepare food. I love that he takes it all in, and essentially is learning how meals are put together. Our eldest is the chief taste tester! Tony encourages him to identify flavours, and asks whether he likes it. I love seeing his eyes light up as his tastebuds get excited! Cooking with children encourages creativity, and gives them an understanding of eating habits. We really enjoy involving our children in cooking, we believe it helps improve their fine motor skills, time management, planning and reading.

Creating the smartie pants cookies these school holidays was fun, and I believe has created a lifelong memory for our little family! Tony and I really enjoyed spending time with our kids, and teaching our eldest some great cooking skills. Our eldest boy enjoyed gathering equipment and measuring the ingredients. You can do this with your little ones too! Click here to view the recipe. So what are you waiting for, gather your little ones, pop on your apron and get the kids busy in the kitchen!

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