celebrate life with a grateful heart

Hi friends!

Thanks so much for stopping by! A bit about me, I am a grateful wife, a mummy to two energetic boys and a baby girl, and a believer in celebrating life! I love my little family, I love people and I love to laugh!

I am passionate about celebrating life with a grateful heart. I would love to inspire you to do the same. Life offers so many reasons for us to celebrate and be grateful for, I hope together we can find the joy in the everyday, and find something each day we can be grateful for.

My journey to find the power in gratitude began nearly four years ago. I had hit rock bottom. The ever positive Emma had lost her spark. I was sad. I felt lost. I felt alone. It took a while of trudging through the darkness, to realise something had to change. I decided to participate in the grateful project and boy did it change my perspective on life. Daily gratitude transformed me and my way of thinking. I got my spark back. I felt happy! I was positive and excited to find things to celebrate each day.

I discovered the grateful project through 365grateful.com. I was inspired to share my grateful project with friends and family, and chose to document it through Instagram. I posted a photo each day for the year, and shared what I was grateful for. At times I found sharing this project through social media challenging, however I must admit it did keep me accountable.

Taking time out each day to reflect and celebrate the good was incredibly powerful. You can do it too! I encourage you to put pen to paper to record something you are grateful for each day and be inspired to think creatively about the unique areas of your life. Alternatively you could do this with your little family, and over dinner each night, you can ask your spouse and children what they are grateful for. I believe there is always something to be grateful for, embrace the beauty of gratitude and celebrate the joy in the everyday.

I enjoy celebrating the little things in life, and take great delight in reveling in the wonder of the world through my little ones eyes. Mindfulness can be difficult. Like you, I am a busy parent of three, trying my best to multi-task so I can essentially achieve more. But at the end of the day, multi-tasking is taking me away from my present experience. I try each day, and sometimes I don’t get it quite right, but I try again – to be present. To pay attention to the small things, and the little ones in my life.

I hope by reading my journal you are entertained, encouraged, and inspired. This journal is for you, to inspire and encourage you to celebrate life with a grateful heart. Your life, and the lives of your beautiful little ones!

ems xx

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